There’s a fine line between being broken hearted and becoming angry and disillusioned, and I don’t want to cross that line.

What determines how I react when life tests me is where my hope lies. And where is my ultimate hope? What forms the lens through which I will view everything else?

I hope in a Saviour who defeated death, and the degree to which I really believe that affects how I handle life’s ups and downs. Our trials will then improve us, since we have to lean hard on His victory as the bottom line reality of our existence. It trains our hearts in the discipline of trust.

I need to make a point of keeping Him front and centre. It’s a perspective sort of thing. When I step back and see the big picture and what has actually been done for me in Christ, hope returns and all of life looks different.

If we despair, we become bitter, but if we hope, we become BETTER.