As a Christian, I still wrestle with fear from time to time; certainly more than I used to as I come to terms with mid-life. The future, regardless of what the Telus ads suggest, has not been that friendly. We have done our best, but still endured the loss of employment, serious illness, the death of loved ones, and the potential displacement from our home of 43 years.

It’s easy to endorse Christ’s moral teachings, but we struggle to rest in His promises. When He says to love others, we agree, at least in principle; but when He says “don’t worry”… well, it’s not as easy, because now we’re betting our way of life on what He said. Putting the weight of our lives on His promises raises the stakes considerably.

Look what happened to Jesus. “He trusted in God” – and He was crucified. “He trusted in God”, yet He owned nothing; He was rejected, hated, and betrayed by one of His inner circle to a foreign occupying force to be executed – and that as a criminal. And He forgave those who put Him on the cross.

But He was then resurrected. Do I really believe that? Do I really believe He rose? It is the proof that all will ultimately be well and that His promises are real; and the degree to which I believe that determines how much peace I will have when the you-know-what hits the fan. This serves as a pattern for the believer’s life.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy. We will all have our own personal Gethsemane, our own “dark night of the soul”, and Jesus was Himself in such anguish that He sweated blood.

But for the love of us, He stayed the course; and, by His grace, so will I.

Sunderland Falls, south of Revelstoke, BC

Sunderland Falls, south of Revelstoke, BC