“When I get that job I’ll be content.”
“If I win the lotto I’ll be happy.”
“If only she would marry me!”

What is the one thing that, if you get it, you think would finally satisfy? Where we place our expectations shows us what our first love is.

The problem is that everything here is subject to change. That dream job gets downsized, our bodies age and weaken, loved ones die, and we enter crisis mode.

Mid-life can feel like a dangerous, uncertain time. What it is in fact is a reality check: we finally start to sense how temporary life is. And if we feel there’s nothing more, a sense of despair can start to creep in.

But it’s only when these things are threatened that we turn our expectations to that which doesn’t change. Love and goodness and justice will always be true, and I think we know in our heart of hearts that this is so. And if they are real, they must have an Author, and it’s there our hearts can finally rest. It’s wonderful to find God there, waiting for us, offering real hope.