Last Friday I waas laid off from a job I’d only been at 2 months. It wasn’t, I was told, because of my attitude or professional competence; they had just over-hired, and my services were no longer needed. Just like that. I was floored.

Yet (mingled with my sense of angst) there’s the sense that God is in control. “All things work together for good” (Romans 8:28) is not some sort of blessing box verse to rub on my wounded pride. It does not tell me that I have to feel good about it or convince myself that what happened to me was a good thing.

What it does say is that a sovereign God will use it to make my life better in the totality. In a world where relationships are possible, free will must be a real thing, and that includes the poor choices that employers may make. God can, and will use even that to my ultimate good.

The trick is to preach this to my heart. Do I react, or do I choose to trust God and bless even those who have hurt me? Will I give thanks in everything? To do so is a statement of allegiance; I can bless and forgive and pray because I believe He’s ultimately in charge.

Besides, what’s the alternative? To allow bitterness is to cave into despair and deny God’s reality in the situation.

I’m still mad, but I’ll get over it. God is bigger than my disappointment, and I don’t have to be a victim. I can have peace just resting in His Bigness, and I can give thanks even when life goes sideways.