Many people, when they’re told they need to change the way they’re going, will tell you to stop judging them. That’s not always a fair thing to say, for we may genuinely wish their good and are honestly trying to help.

But we need to be careful of how we say it, and we really need to consider the state of our own hearts. None of us is perfect, and only an appreciation of our own faults, and an awareness of the basis on which God accepts us will give us the authority to tell it like it is. We’re all guilty, and are accepted because of Christ’s sacrifice for us – certainly not because we’re better than anyone else. A joyful recognition of this gift in our own lives is the only proper foundation for encouraging others to change.

Judging says, “You’re such a loser. Why aren’t you doing better – like I am?”.

Encouraging says, “we’re i this together, and I make mistakes too. Let’s both set our conduct according to God’s Word”.