The other morning I woke up feeling blue. There was no good reason for it, just a vague feeling that grew as the day progressed. Maybe a mid-life thing.

I opened my Bible and soon enough perspective returned. One might argue that I’m just trying to brainwash myself into some sort of unthinking religious mindset, but I doubt that. The spirit of the age, with its shouting, sprinting heart, its materialism, pride and greed comes naturally enough to me. I’m just balancing things out.

I don’t see how a person can be a sound Christian without a wholehearted decision to make Him supreme in one’s life coupled with a humble seeking for Him daily in prayer and scripture. How can we keep God’s perspective? We are forgetful creatures, and the voices of our daily experiences crowd in on us like a pack of wild animals. We need reminders every day if we are to lead balanced lives.

Our souls are like gardens; we’re to tend them, pulling out the weeds of worry, anger and discord. I have the tools, but have to use them; I need to speak to my heart, reminding it of and learning to rest in God’s promises and grace – instead of just listening to it worry and fuss and fret.

We don’t have to be controlled by our feelings; we can manage them by thinking deeply on scripture and applying it to our own troubled hearts.