Worry is, when you think of it, simply care about whether our own wishes will be met.

If we believe God is sovereign, and we are totally committed to following Him and trusting in His love for us, how can we worry? We’re told in Romans 8 that this sovereign God who has chosen us will use ALL things for our good, and that nothing can separate us from His love.

Yet we worry. It is, I think, a habit of the heart that we have to unlearn every day. There are several practical things we can do to put our hearts at rest; and I should add that I struggle with worry as much as anyone. Here’s a few things I’ve found that help.

First, we have to make a conscious decision to put God first in all. He must become our ultimate good, the one goal we will always put first.

We must immerse ourselves in scripture and meditate in it. Get it into your bones. A regular devotional time every day is vital, and memorizing scripture helps a lot.

Reading the testimonies of modern people’s faith journeys helps too. Personally, I’ve found a ton of encouragement reading about George Muller of Bristol, England (google him and you’ll see why).

Take time to think about where you’ve been and thank God for all that’s happened in your life. Be grateful.

Recognize your emotions are just… well, emotions. They are the natural reaction to things that happen in your life. The man or woman of God need not be directed by their gut reactions; disciples are proactive, deliberately submitting their lives to God and taking care of their own souls as stewards.

And perhaps that’s the last point. Realize you’re not your own. Your Lord is Jesus, and He takes care of His own. The condition of your soul is more important than your comfort, and if you give all to Him, He will use all the ups and downs of life to remake you in practical fact.