I’ve heard true worship described as simply putting God first in our lives. Sometimes the way we do this is by remembering to praise Him when things go wrong. “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” – it’s a choice to acknowledge and put Him first even when we don’t understand; a decision to trust when we’re tempted to despair.

St. Augustine says the problem with our hearts is disordered loves. We put our plans, things and other people before God. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying these good things, but if God isn’t our first love, the non-negotiable, primary fact in our lives, then things start to come off the rails when turbulence hits.

And if He really is our first love, and we know we can’t lose Him, then when those other things are shaken it’s not as big a deal. We will hurt, but we won’t be devastated.

It’s a matter of perspective.