We like to stay in our warm, secure little lives, cosy in security and our preconceptions. But it’s outside, in the wind, snow and rain of real life where we will be changed: Jesus calls us out of doors where our choice to trust can be exercised. And any everyday situation can call us there.

Most of us don’t go there willingly; we prefer comfort and predictability. But life’s not always that simple. Broken relationships, illness, job loss: what will we do when the you-know-what hits the fan? Just give up, or take it as an opportunity to trust? Only faith that is exercised will grow.

Christ left a his own home and came into this wild, rebelling, chaotic world we live in to save us – and much of the walk of faith is following Him in this world. When we’re hurting and we ask where God is, the answer is that He came to be here with us: hurt, rejected, killed… and, incredibly, resurrected.

That’s the proof that He’s the answer, that His sacrifice really does atone for our sins, and that life, not death, will have the final word. The resurrection of Jesus tells is that our decision to follow Him in the uncertainty of this life matters.