Thoughts on Faith
We often think that faith is something we get, a power or force that we can appropriate. If we feel doubt, we feel deficient somehow and pray for more faith, like it’s something God will zap us with. And we hope for comfort, for some sort of reassurance.

I think that’s misleading. Faith is a simply a decision to trust after weighing evidence. Feelings are not really part of the equation.

I trust that the wings of my airplane will not fall off because I’ve looked at the safety record and know this is extremely uncommon. I trust the designers have done their work; I have faith in them.

Feelings sometimes go the other way. Occasionally it dawns on me that I’m really up high. Instead of looking at distant horizons, I look down and, for a moment, fear.

But I keep flying. My reasoned decision to trust overcomes my feelings of how unnatural it is for a human being to hang suspended thousands of feet in the air, and the mood passes.

In exactly the same way, we are being asked, as God seekers, to look at the evidence and simply decide what to make of what we find. We won’t always feel sure: so what? I’m not trusting a feeling, but in a Person whose existence and faithfulness is not a matter of opinion.

Look at what you know. Meditate, deduce, think deeply on what your moral sense, history and scripture tell you. Ask the big questions with an honest heart, drill down deep, to the very bottom, in your search for truth, and you’ll find a real God that you can depend on.

In the end, it boils down to:
– trusting He’a really there,
– knowing we can trust His love and care for us,
– understanding Christ’s death and resurrection are historical events that really do save us and give us an eternal hope, and
– living your life accordingly.