Living Large
We live such timid lives, worried about the future and what will become of us. Perhaps what’s behind it is that (between you and I) we wonder if this present life is all there is and we want to hedge our bets. We want security, and we want to make sure we have fun now and not just in some far off future.

But if we really KNOW He has risen, and that we will share that wonderful destiny – we can afford to live a bigger life. We can give more freely of our time, we can love without holding back, unguarded and free. We can care less about our troubles because we really do know it will be all right, that we are affirmed and valued infinitely by the One who made us.

Do we live here and now in this truth? If we have based our lives on what the Gospel really promises, we can relax. It doesn’t mean we live irresponsibly; I guess the way to say it is to be carefree but not careless. We must still take care of business, but now we can do it in a new, unhurried way.

And that the best really is is yet to come.