When we’re young and we have our whole lives in front if us, we feel like we’ll live forever. We dream, plan, and have hopes for marriage, career, and where we’ll live, and thoughts of our own mortality hardly enter our thinking. But that’s an illusion: dreams fade, our bodies age, life happens and friends change, move away and start to die. If our hopes start and end with this life, we start to feel a sense of despair.

We need a better hope.

God enters time. He incarnates into a historical Person who teaches, lives, dies, and then – incredibly – lives again. Now either this is a religious legend or something that really happened. And if it really happened, EVERYTHING changes. We have a real hope.

The raw historical fact of the resurrection means there really is a God who has provided for our guilt; that HE came for US, so that we could have a real future that will outlast this life.

Your character is a function of your hope. Despairing people are cynical and unhappy; but if Jesus really lives, we have a better hope. We don’t dodge the sorrow and hassle of this life, but we are better equipped to deal with it: we can live with integrity and joy whether we’re suffering or happy.