We often use the term “fallen from grace” to describe a person who’s given up on religion – but the ones who appear the most religious are often the ones furthest from that grace.

How so? The default mode of the human heart is legalism: because we’re always trying to justify ourselves instead of letting God do it. We strive and measure and compare.
A person can be very religious and still be a hide-bound legalist, one’s sense of self-righteousness, the very reason for existence all tied up in personal performance instead of just resting in what God’s done. But the tax collectors and prostitutes who met Jesus had no such illusions about their train wreck lives and heard the message of grace gladly. The interesting thing is that after meeting Jesus their lives got a lot more moral, but it was a RESULT of the grace already given.
Hold nothing back; He wants nothing less than all of you. Give Him your heart – really – and you will be changed, but in a new way: from the inside out, a fundamental remaking of who you are.