“Therefore it is of faith that it might be according to grace” Romans 4:16

A lot of people can’t shake off the idea that we need to perform to some sort of standard to be accepted by God, but this is exactly opposite of what the Bible teaches.

God’s standard is impossible for us to reach, and a moment’s honest thought will tell you this is so. Are any of us without sin?

What God desires is a heart turned toward Him just hoping for grace and mercy, coming with no credentials or record of performance. Jesus took care of our debt to God. All we have to do is receive it: but this is a heart issue, and represents a fundamental new understanding of how we relate to God.

We decide to trust (to believe, to have faith) in what He’s done rather than our own track record; we stop trying to justify ourselves. The first time we decide to do this we become Christians; but it is the ongoing rule of life for living in Him. As we go through life’s situations we will consciously do it again and again as we continue our lives in Him. It becomes a new lens through which we view all of life.

But grace is a gift, and to receive a gift we have to trust the intent of the giver. Grace and faith always work together.