“I believe, Lord. Help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

It’s very important to understand and seek out truth. By this we understand the facts about what Jesus has done for us, who He is, and about the wonderful hope we have through Him.

But we’re limited, emotional creatures and sometimes doubt hits us in the face; we wonder how could God accept such flaky, back-and-forth sorts as we find ourselves to be.

Emotions are things that happen to us. They come to us often unbidden and are things to be enjoyed or endured, and we can’t always help how we feel.

But we can control our allegiances. Where have you planted your flag? The man in the scripture above chose to believe, even while he admitted feelings of doubt, and Jesus could work with that.

This is key. If, having made the decision to trust, your feelings run hot and cold, so what? Action shows where your heart is. If, in a storm of doubtful emotions, you determine you will follow Christ in spite of it all, you’ll get through it.

It’s where you allow those emotions change your heart – to allow despair to creep in – that the danger lies.

God cares more, I think, about what we are than what we do. He uses the tests of life to put steel in our spine; and if our hearts are His, the rest will flow out of us – not as a result of legalistic duty, but from a heart that’s becoming like His.