We often forget how precious every individual life is.

My mother is in mid to late term Alzheimer’s. A wise, vibrant and compassionate woman has been reduced to a frail shadow of her former self.

Her care has fallen first to my wife, then myself, and my siblings: and it’s getting harder. But if she were to pass, I know I’d move heaven and earth to have just another few minutes to walk her down her sidewalk, to hold a hand and to tell her I love her. She is slipping out of our lives an inch at a time.

We treat people like they will always be with us. They won’t; but the marks we leave on their hearts will follow them into eternity.

What deposits are we leaving in the lives of others? Are we encouraging, affirming (even if in spite of how they may treat us), or do we place things in their paths that they will have to overcome before they can function?

There are enough heart snares in this world. I hope and pray that I’ll not add stumbling blocks to the lives of others, but that I can serve and encourage with the same grace God has given me.

We will not always have the chance to love and encourage. Our neighbours are eternal souls who will be with us for such a short time – we need to make good use of the time we have to deposit into their lives.