Yesterday, I had a bad day at work. My computer’s hard drive had a meltdown, and several days of rework loom ahead of me. It’s frustrating and stressful.

Why? I’m working no more or less than if everything was fine, but my emotions can make a normal day nightmarish. Maybe the problem was that I was worried my employers would wonder why I wasn’t catching up faster.

I’m worried about what others think of me. I compare. I get stressed and fume and fret. I feel the need to justify my existence, and when I fall short, I feel terrible.

But then I have to ask where my security lies. Am I really yielded to Him, or am I having trouble letting go of my own self-inflated ideas of importance? We are significant because God made us and  was willing to die to redeem us.

When I determine that my ultimate source and employer is God, a lot of the stress evaporates.