Deciding to have faith in (that is, to trust) and deciding to love both involve letting your guard down; by their nature they imply vulnerability. We are in effect saying, “I am letting you get close enough to hurt me if you want to; I love and value you enough that I’m willing to risk it, and I trust my heart is safe with you”.

When we commit to one another in marriage, we are not just investing our emotional security on the beloved, but our finances and future; in a word, our lives. The vow of marriage is a tremendous statement of love and trust in the beloved.

So is our walk with God. We are betting the farm on His faithfulness, on our belief in His love for us. But could we really approach Him in any other way? Legalism – man’s religion – kills relationship, and has nothing to do with love OR trust. It’s only a business arrangement: I’ll do this, if you do that. We keep our hearts away from God.

Would we think that healthy in a marriage? We give less than all to our mate to our detriment; in the same way our relation to God is hindered when we hold out on Him. Legalism more than anything defines just what we will, and will not give to God: it implies we are not yet ready to trust Him because we want to hold something back.

Give Him your heart. Jump in with both feet; both with marriage and your decision to trust God with your life and future.